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Private Homestays and Bed and Breakfast with English host
families in
London for tourists and foreign language students.

Tel and Fax (office hours only)

Inside UK: 020 7352 5121

Outside UK: + 44 20 7352 5121

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Houses of Westminster



The accommodation rates below are subject to availability and prices may be subject to seasonal adjustments.
If you would like to have a precise quotation please send us an email or fax us for an update.



Single room with breakfast From 20 per night 
Admin cost (one time only) 45 


Double/twin room with breakfast From 40 per night 
Admin cost (one time only) 65

If you reserve a double/twin room, please state your preference for 1 double bed or 2 separate beds? We can't promise but we will do our best!




Terms and conditions

Minimum booking period is 4 consecutive nights.

Accommodation is subject to availability and prices may be subject to a seasonal adjustment, such as over peak times and Easter, Christmas and other holiday periods.

In the event of a cancellation or an unreasonable postponement, Happy Homes will retain the admin cost and the accommodation rental may be forfeited. Happy Homes reserve the right to use their sole discretion in this regard. 

In the unlikely event of the homestay provider failing to fulfil its booking obligations, Happy Homes will provide alternative accommodation or reimburse the guest.

Happy Homes reserve the right to make changes as and when necessary.


The contents of this Website and all other details of accommodation prepared by Happy Homes are set up as a general guideline and produced in good faith. They are based on the information provided by our hosts and their accuracy is not guaranteed. Happy homes acts only as an agent in making reservations and do not accept liability from disputes or claims between visitors and their hosts and other effectively introduced parties. copyright1997. Happy Homes and Mrs E Reynolds. All rights reserved. All contents of this Website are protected under the copyright laws of the UK , the EU and the US. No part may be reproduced in any form whatsoever for commercial purposes without the prior written permission of the owner.